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Price Rp 10.120.000
Rp 6.072.000

Infinity DM-2804 merupakan DVR yang khusus didesain untuk diaplikasikan pada pemantauan kendaraan bergerak (mobile). Didukung dengan prosesor DaVinci yang berperforma tinggi dan code video H.264 terkini.

Infinity DM-2804 mendukung penyimpanan berupa SD Card dan DVR ini didesain portable sehingga memenuhi kriteria penerapan pemantauan secara mobile dan cocok diaplikasikan pada kendaraan transportasi, taxi, kendaraan pribadi dan lainnya.


Basic Features

Video compression standard: H.264
Video processor: DAVINCI processor
CPU: Embedded MPU
OS: Real time operating system
DM-2804 support 4CIF (6fps), DCIF (12fps), 2CIF (15fps), CIF (real-time) resolution.
Support SD card storage
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Special Features

Power supply unit: Use special technology of wide range power input(DC+6V~+36V), which fits into vehicle’s fluctuated power system
Shut down delay after ignition off (from 5min to 6h)
24 hours auto power on/off
Support USB2.0 port for backup
Support build-in EVDO, WCDMA, CDMA network module for wireless network transmission.
Build-in GPS module, all GPS data is stored in the recording stream.
Build-in G-sensor for recording driving information
8-ch driving status alarm input, 2-ch relay(or dry contact) output
Low power consumption with exquisite and portable design

1.SD card interface
2.SIM/UIM card interface
3.UTP Network interface
4.USB interface

1.Safety fuse
2.Antenna interface for wireless network
3.GPS antenna interface
4.Power Input, driving signal input, wired-remote control & KEY startup control interface
5.RS485, power output and alarm out interface
6.Video input/output & Camera power interface