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product arrow Infinity DA-2000K

Infinity DA-2000K

Infinity DA-2000K papan kendali jaringan dapat digunakan untuk mengendalikan tampilan kamera / kamera speeddome yang ditampilkan pada TV-Wall
Dirancang dengan layar sentuh yang mudah dioperasikan serta opsi pengaturan yang mudah.

Main Features

Ergonomic design with 800×480 LCD touch panel
Live view and playback of video on screen at up to 1080p resolution
1-channel video decoding for local live view
Video capture and recording to local U-flash disk
Compatible with DVR/DVS, matrix, network camera/dome, PC-DVR, etc.
Support 15 operators, and each user is allowed to operate 256 devices
4-axis joystick Infinitycctv.com.tw all rightreserved 2013
Functions & Performances

7’’ TFT touch screen at 800×480 resolution;
4-axis joystick;
Shortcut keys for dome control, setting and calling of preset, patrol and pattern;
Shortcut keys for playback operation;
Shortcut keys for input group and output group;
Shortcut keys for wiper and light control operation.

Administrator and operator user management;
Support upgrade by U-flash disk;
Auto searching connected devices in the same network area;
Support 15 operators, and each user is allowed to operate 256 devices with up to 4096 channels;
Import and export of keyboard configuration parameters;
Macro command operation;
Storage record files to U-flash disk;
Play back record files from the U-flash disk;
Play back the remote record files by time or by file;
Two-way audio;
Support configuration by WEB server;
Support configuration by the Keyboard Configuration Tool;
Configuration and control of the matrix system;
Support control of the analog matrix with the protocol of ZT-1.0, ZT-2.0, EXTRON or CREATOR;
Control of up to 255 analog domes by RS-485 connection;
Accessible by the platform software.
Decoding Capability

Provide 1-ch video decoding and local decoding;
Support standard MPEG4, private H.264 and standard H.264 encoding formats;
Decoding at up to 1080P resolution.
Display of Decoded Video on Monitor

Display of decoded camera on selected window;
Display of decoded camera group on selected window;
Sequence display of decoded camera group on monitor;
Sequence display of decoded camera group on monitor group;
Display of video via matrix on video wall.


1.Touch pen
3.Line In
4.Audio Out
6.RS-485 Interface
8.RS-232 Interface
9.USB Interface
10.12V DC Power Supply
11.Power On/Off